Acne Laser Treatments,
Light Therapy, and Chemical Peels

Top Cosmetic Treatments for Acne

Cosmetic procedures such as acne laser treatments, light therapy, and chemical peels can help control your acne while simultaneously improving the look of scars.

While chemical peels for acne have been around for a while, laser acne treatments and acne light therapy are among the newest emerging technologies in the quest for clear skin.

How do they work and are they worth the price tag?

  • Acne laser treatments: In terms of acne, laser skin treatment procedures work by weakening the ability of the oil glands within the skin to produce oil. So if overactive oil glands are to blame for your case of acne, then professional laser treatments can damage these glands, causing them to produce much less oil. And less oil means less acne :-)
  • Light therapy for acne: Light therapy treatments work by exposing acne to specific wavelengths of light that kill pimple-causing bacteria. There are both professional and at-home light therapy devices that you can choose between. And light treatments can also improve the overall texture of the skin and reduce the appearance of scars.

So, whether you're interested in laser treatments, light therapy, or chemical peels in order to decrease active breakouts, get rid of acne scars, or both... below is more information on the best options available to you:

  • Laser Skin Treatment for Acne

    In terms of acne, laser skin treatment procedures are very effective in reducing oil and sebum production, thereby helping to prevent and diminish breakouts. Here, I get into more detail about what types of laser treatments are available for acne, along with information on the risks and rewards.
  • Acne Light Therapy - Top Light Treatment for Acne

    Acne light therapy not only kills acne-causing bacteria, it also calms inflammation associated with breakouts, minimizes redness, and promotes overall skin health. Here's an in-depth summary of everything you need to know about light therapy for acne, including which procedures are best.
  • Blue Light Laser Acne Treatment

    Blue light laser acne treatment is one of the latest developments for treating acne. It has been approved by the FDA as an effective way to help clear acne quickly. Learn more about the procedure and its benefits in this article.
  • Laser Acne Scar Removal

    Once your active acne breakouts are successfully treated, you can opt for additional acne laser treatments to treat scars and/or hyperpigmentation in order to further improve the appearance of your skin. These may include laser resurfacing procedures such as Fraxel Laser or CO2 Laser Resurfacing.
  • Chemical Peels for Acne

    Chemical peels are a popular and effective option that can drastically improve your acne along with the overall appearance of your skin. Chemical peels work by removing the surface layers of the skin in order to expose the fresh and unaffected layers below.

Next to topical medications and oral medications - acne laser treatments, light therapy, and chemical peel procedures are quickly becoming among the most popular and effective options for treating acne, along with any resulting scars or marks.

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