Top Acne Scar Natural Treatment Solutions

Acne scar natural treatment options can help you reduce acne scars without the harsh side effects or expensive procedures. Here are 3 of the top natural remedy methods for acne scars that actually work...

  1. Rosehip Seed Oil
    Rosehip seed oil (sometimes known as Rosa Mosqueta Oil) is especially great for reducing scar tissue because it is high in essential fatty acids. It is available as a skin care product and as a supplement in capsules, so you can treat the scarring from the inside and out.

    But this product is generally not recommended for people who have active acne or very oily skin because of the high fatty acid content.

  2. MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)
    MSM is also a fantastic ingredient in skin care products and supplements to aid the repair of the skin and therefore help reduce the appearance of acne scarring. MSM is a naturally occurring organic form of dietary sulfur found in fresh raw plant foods that are involved in the cycle of rain. Sulfur helps the body create collagen, which is required for forming new cells and accelerating healing.

    You can find topical skin care products that contain MSM in the form of an ointment or lotion or you can take it orally in a supplement form. MSM has also been shown to be effective against active acne, rosacea, and dry, scaly, or itchy skin.

  3. Aloe Vera
    Aloe Vera has been known for quite some time as a great natural plant for healing the skin. It is used for burns, scratches, and scrapes - but you can also use Aloe Vera as an acne scar natural treatment as well! You can either apply Aloe Vera topically or you can drink Aloe Vera juice for healing scars.

    There is one very important caveat - only real pure aloe vera gel will work. That means that you must avoid scented, colored or processed aloe vera. The best way to get Aloe Vera is directly from the plant itself if you can. But if that's not possible, try to get one that is as pure as possible.

    Aloe Vera gel can also be applied to eliminate acne as it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and as an immune booster which helps in eliminating acne to some extent.

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