Best Makeup for Oily Skin

Finding the best makeup for oily skin can be challenging. It's important to find products that stop grease and shine and won't cause breakouts.

If you have oily skin, you may find it difficult to wear makeup - skin often gets shiny after a few hours and your makeup may even seem to melt off by the end of the day.

Additionally, people with oily skin are often prone to breakouts and/or enlarged pores, so the best makeup for oily skin has to provide good coverage, be long-lasting, and also non-pore clogging.

Seems like a tall order for makeup! But actually, there are many excellent options for cosmetics that are specifically formulated to reduce shine and stop oil breakthrough. If you are looking for the best makeup for oily skin, here are some of the highest rated options available...

Best Foundation for Oily Skin

1) Bare Minerals Matte SPF15 Foundation

This bare minerals product is a mattifying foundation that delivers a natural matte finish that is long-lasting.

It absorbs excess oil and eliminates shine without drying skin. And it is said to improve the appearance of your skin through the power of RareMinerals ActiveSoil Complex, which minimizes pores and promotes cell turnover for fresher, smoother skin.

The SPF 15 means that it protects your skin from environmental damage. And it is free of harsh chemicals and preservatives.

*Although my skin is acne prone, it is not particularly oily. In fact it is more on the dry side, especially during the winter. But I use the Bare Minerals Matte Foundation during the summer, particularly on hot and humid days when I know I am prone to sweat and shine. I wear the "Light" shade as a foundation, and use the "Tan" shade as a bronzer.

2) Estee Lauder Double Matte Oil-Control Pressed Powder

Provides medium coverage and a semi-matte finish. This powder has long-wearing color and non-drying oil control.

It is oil-free, fragrance-free, and dermatologist tested.

Estee Lauder Double Matte Oil-Control Pressed Powder is continuously ranked as one of the top foundations for people with oily skin.

It comes in a variety of shades but my personal favorite is the "Transparent" shade because you can use it over any makeup to control oil-breakthrough.

3) Stila Sheer Pressed Powder

An oil-controlling pressed powder. The formula is finely milled for a smooth finish.

This product makes skin look clean and natural instead of cakey or heavy.

It comes in three main shades: Light, Medium, and Dark. This powder is also very useful for touchups throughout the day.

4) Clinique Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder

An oil-free, shine-absorbing pressed powder. It has an ultra-sheer texture and gives skin a perfected matte appearance.

This product is great for oily skin and oily spots and maintains a fresh look and feel, even after frequent touch-ups.

It provides sheer-to-moderate coverage and can be used and a variety of skin types, from dry-combination to oily to very-oily. And it is non-acnegenic (won't cause acne).

So these are 4 of the top rated products in terms of the best makeup for oily skin. But if oily skin is an ongoing concern for you, you should really learn how to control oily skin before doing anything else. Properly caring for your oily skin can really diminish oil-buildup and will help your makeup look that much better!

While the products listed above are widely reviewed as some of the best, everyone's favorites are different and I would love to hear about yours! So please feel free to share with us...

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