Chin Acne Help

Need chin acne help? I’ve been there and it sucks, but if you learn the causes for chin acne and the proper way to treat it, you can have clear skin for good.

Chin Acne Help
Acne on the chin is very common and it can be one of the most embarrassing places to get zits because it’s so obvious.

But it doesn’t have to be an ongoing issue.

Anyone can clear acne skin issues with the right tools and information.

While acne on the chin isn’t really any different from acne on other places of your face and body, there is evidence suggesting that chin acne may be more closely related to hormone levels than any other kind.

Hormones play a role in almost all acne skin issues; however, the link between hormones and acne is especially evident when it comes to chin acne. Knowing this can help us treat chin acne more effectively.

Chin Acne Help for Women

Women often tend to get breakouts on the chin around “that time of the month” due to increased hormonal fluctuations. Even if a woman doesn’t suffer with acne skin issues on a regular basis, it is still common to get one or two monthly zits on the chin right around menstruation. These pimples are often large and painful. So how do you treat them?

What works for a lot of women (including myself) is going on birth control. Taking a birth control pill can help to even out hormone levels significantly, thereby eliminating the major reason for your chin acne.

But if this isn’t right for you, then I suggest using a spot treatment that contains sulfur. Sulfur products are your best bet for clearing large, painful pimples.

Chin Acne Help for Men

Although men don’t experience the monthly hormonal swings that women do, many men still experience chin acne. If you’re experiencing chin acne in addition to breakouts on other areas of your face, then you should really look into over the counter acne treatment or acne prescription medicine depending on your level of acne.

But if your breakouts are solely on the chin, then you should consider some other factors.

For instance, chin acne could be related to shaving. Irritation to the skin makes all acne worse. If shaving your face is irritating your skin, then this could be a big contributor to your chin acne.

If it’s an option for you, try taking a break from shaving and see if your chin acne clears up.

If not, do your best to be as gentle as possible when shaving and try to avoid irritation as much as you can (especially when you’re shaving around active breakouts).

And I would still suggest a sulfur spot treatment as an effective option for chin acne help.

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