Dermabrasion Acne Scar Removal Procedures

Dermabrasion acne scar removal procedures effectively resurface skin by removing the top layer and allowing new skin to grow.

Although procedures such as acne scar laser treatments are becoming more popular, dermabrasion is still one of the most common procedures for the reduction of acne scars.

Unlike other treatments for acne scarring, dermabrasion is often performed in a surgical center. The area of skin is cleansed thoroughly with an antiseptic cleansing agent and then numbed with a spray. General anesthesia is also often given to the patient.

The dermatologist then takes a wire brush with sharp edges and moves it back and forth over the skin while the device rotates rapidly. This process effectively removes the top layers of the skin, thereby getting rid of superficial scars and reducing deeper scars.

After the procedure is finished, the skin is rinsed and soothing ointments are applied. Compresses are used to control the bleeding, and the wound is dressed.

What to Expect Afterwards :

After the procedure, many people may experience pain. The skin becomes very red and feels raw and sore. You will need to change the dressings and care for your skin very well during the healing process in order to avoid any major problematic side effects.

Regrowth of new skin generally takes about 10 days. This new skin is usually red or pink but will fade within 6-10 weeks.

Side Effects of Dermabrasion :

There are several potential side effects of dermabrasion. These include:

  • hyperpigmentation (darkening of skin)
  • hypopigmentation (lightening of skin)
  • tissue damage
  • lasting redness
  • raised or keloid scarring
  • sun sensitivity
  • infection
  • swelling.
  • dilated blood vessels

Because of the risk of infection, dermabrasion is not performed while acne is active.

Dermabrasion acne scar removal procedures generally cost around $1500 per treatment.

Although dermabrasion effectively resurfaces the top of the skin, it does not treat the deeper layers of skin. So people with deeper acne scars will not see much improvement with dermabrasion alone.

For those with deeper scars, dermabrasion is often used 6-8 weeks after surgical scar removal procedures in order to smooth out the surface texture.

Before going for any skin care procedures, it is always best to consult a dermatologist about the pros and cons of the treatment you are considering.

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