Best Makeup for Acne Prone Skin

Want to Cover Zits and Scars Without More Breakouts?

Choosing the right makeup for acne prone skin is very important. The wrong makeup can not only emphasize zits, but can also cause more breakouts!

I wear makeup on a daily basis and have tried hundreds of different types in my search for the best one.

There's nothing I hate more than getting excited over a new makeup, just to find out it makes me breakout worse than ever!

But after years of experimenting, researching, reading product reviews, and pestering estheticians and dermatologists with all my questions, I've basically got choosing the right makeup down to a science. :-)

So here are the lists I've assembled of my tips and product suggestions for the best makeup for acne prone or oily skin...

  • Foundation for Acne Prone Skin - Top 5 Liquid Foundations

    There are many different types of foundation including liquid, cream, powder, and mineral to name a few. If you like traditional liquid foundations, here are the top 5 picks for acne prone skin agreed upon by customers and skincare specialists alike.

  • 5 Best Mineral Makeup Options

    Mineral makeup has been shown to be especially beneficial for acne prone skin, but not all products are created equal! Here are the 5 best mineral makeup options specifically for acne prone skin.

  • Best Makeup for Oily Skin

    Although it is not always the case, often times acne comes hand in hand with oily skin. There are certain oil-controlling makeup products that are designed to stop grease and shine. Here are the top 5 rated picks.

  • Top 6 Best Concealers

    If you are struggling with acne, a good concealer can be your best investment! However, it's important to choose a formula that does not clog pores.

  • Best Bronzer for Acne Prone Skin

    Giving skin the look of a fake sun-kissed glow can really help to camouflage blemishes. Here are the best bronzer options that don't cause breakouts.

  • Ingredients in Makeup - A Noncomedogenic Scam?

    Your makeup products could be causing your acne. There are certain ingredients found in some cosmetics that are particularly pore-clogging. Read more on how to choose the right products.

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