Zit Popping Videos

Yes, I know, popping zits is bad and yucky, but sometimes it can be fun (in a gross kind of way) to watch zit popping videos!

Before enjoying the feature entertainment below, I just want to make a note that pimple popping really isn't a good habit to form.

When you squeeze a pimple (even if you do it carefully), you almost always push some of the contents of the zit deeper inside the follicle.

The follicle can then rupture and spread the zit's contents deep in the skin.

The result is often increased infection, more breakouts, and potential postules and cysts.


Enough of the serious talk... lets get to the fun stuff! (kinda weird, I know).

Without further ado, here's a collection of my favorite zit popping videos from YouTube:

Pimple Popping Video Collection

Hope you've enjoyed these zit popping videos! Let me know if you have any suggestions for ones I should add, or contact me if you want me to post a pimple popping video of your own :-)

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